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Donor Travel Program

Our Donor Travel Program is ideal for supporters who make a one-time donation to your nonprofit organization.

Hammock Relaxing

 When you partner with Cancer Alliance Partners, you will have the ability to reward your one-time supporters, no matter the denomination of donation, with valuable travel vouchers that can be used on travel experiences and expenses.


It’s simple and easy! For example, if you have a supporter that selects to make a one-time donation of $500 with the Cancer Alliance Partners donor program through your website, they will in return receive a $500 Travel Rewards voucher that can be used for travel expenses with merchants such as Expedia®,®, Priceline® and other well known retailers. .

Your nonprofit will receive the majority of the supporter’s contribution to your organization in the form of a donation from Cancer Alliance Partners, while they receive a valuable Travel Rewards voucher as a thank you for their generous support!

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