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eBook Fundraising Program for Non Profits & Cancer Support Groups

Joan’s husband Tom published his Memoir titled All the Way, which is the story of his life with Joan and their battle with cancer. Our organization will establish a fundraising program at no cost for cancer nonprofits and cancer support organizations, whereby 75% of   proceeds from the sales of the book will accrue to the benefit of the nonprofit. We set up the fundraising program and handle all reporting and administration of the program for the nonprofit at our expense.


For more information on this program as an ongoing fundraiser, please Contact Us today.


All The Way_front.jpg
A True Story of Ultimate Commitment, Undying Love,
and Living a Life of Meaning, Passion and Purpose…

Dr. Joan Kidd was a respected Physician, who was loved by her patients and respected by her peers. Her husband Tom came into her life in a serendipitous manner, they became soul mates, and they lived life to its fullest measure. But not many years into their idyllic relationship, the universe threw them a curve ball that they never saw coming. Joan would face the battle for her life and Tom dedicated his life to fighting with her every step of the way. Tom had been devoted to making her the happiest woman on the planet and was no less devoted to doing everything possible to fight for her life. This is their story and how Tom found inspiration to form the Fight for Life Foundation and new purpose from their life together…All the Way 

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