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Merchant Discount Program 

The Access Merchant Discount program is a value delivered to Donors/Supporters of nonprofits and is most effective for one time and monthly recurring donations. The Fight for Life Continuum provides this program to deliver value back to the supporters of our nonprofit partners. The Continuum will provide this program to nonprofits interested in establishing their own private labeled national merchant and travel discount program to benefit their monthly and one-time donors and as a result, the Fight for Life Continuum will pay the upfront costs. For more information on establishing a private labeled National Merchant Discount Program at your nonprofit to deliver value to your monthly recurring and one time donors, please Contact Us to start the process. We would love to help!

Who We Are

For 35+ years, the private discount network has been working behind the scenes to add value and drive engagement for our clients. It is America’s largest and most exclusive collection of discounts at  popular local restaurants, retailers, and travel providers.

Access is consistently recognized for ongoing innovation, integrity and employee loyalty.


Organizations Worldwide Get Access

Many of the world’s most recognizable names get Access, including:


Discounts At Brands Your Donors Know and Love


America’s Largest In-Store Savings Network

With 99.6% of consumers living within proximity of an Access  in-store  discount,  your donors can choose from over a million places to save.


Cities and towns with Access in-store discounts.


Tools that make redemption easy


Our private label savings tools make it easy for  donors to browse, search, and redeem our discounts.

  • Mobile App: Using their GPS function, members find a large selection of nearby stores with a discount.

  • Desktop Site: Members easily research the best deals and compare them with other sites.

  • API integration:  For qualified clients capable of developing their own UX/UI, our APIs are designed to provide easy access to our extensive merchant offer content, simplifying application development.      

Email Engagement Marketing

If your goal is to engage your donors, Access emails are proven to work.


  • Clients using our emails have a donor registration rate 350% higher than clients who don’t.

  • The average per-donor savings rate is 236% for clients sending our emails.

  • Donors redeem at a 4-to-1 higher rate when receiving Access emails.

  • Unsubscribe rates per email are 0.1% or less.

  • Above industry standards for open, click and click-to-open rates.

  • Donors can opt-out of our emails at any time, without  being removed from your list.

  • Customized emails based on each user’s unique  consumer preferences and location.

  • AI enhanced emails drive registrations and ongoing usage. 

  • Destination emails promoting individual travel goals  and inclinations.

  • All emails provided at no additional cost.


Print & Digital Marketing


We offer a suite of services, working behind the scenes to help  support members, promote your organization, and sustain your  program. We do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the rewards.

  • Free self-serve marketing tools for print, social media and email

  • Graphic design of banners, ads, and other collateral

  • Copywriting for articles, banners, ads, etc.

  • Print production & fulfillment

Key Features

  • Average Annual Savings per Donor 

    • $1,760 

  • Private labeled website under the nonprofit website banner heading

    • Integrated/connected to the nonprofit website for access by donors of the merchant discounts through the nonprofit website.  

    • Co-branded Mobile Application 

    • Branded monthly emails highlighting holiday and seasonal themes, showcasing popular brands, deep linking local content.  

  • Toll free dedicated customer service for the nonprofit 

    • Eliminating administrative duties for this program.  

    • Customer Service will handle:

      • Anything related to the Merchant discount

      • Travel

      • Issues with membership 

  • Time frame for implementation

    • 2 – 3 Weeks 

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