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Grief Heroes Foundation is a non-profit organization (currently waiting for 501c3 approval) & educational platform aiming to support and empower children and teenagers facing the loss of a loved one or other difficult life transition. We provide grief healing and mental wellness resources to help children and teenagers better understand grief and navigate during times of challenge.​


We are embarking on our foundation's Pilot Project: donating 1200 Grief Hero Packages to 18 inner-city elementary schools in Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma is the 9th poorest state and has the #1 ACE score in the country. ACE scores indicate what percentage of children will experience a traumatic event before the age of 18.


"In a school where trauma is abundant and teachers and counselors are doing everything they can to help, the hope these donations bring can't be overstated. This will impact hundreds of students and families in Oklahoma City and I am so excited to see the changes born of it."

- Emily Kloeppel, Teacher, Putnam City Elementary School


Become a Grief Hero for a child in need. A Grief Hero package includes 1 grief healing workbook, 1 pack of colored pencils, and 1 drawstring backpack.


A True Story of Ultimate Commitment, Undying Love, and Living a Life of Meaning, Passion and Purpose….

Dr. Joan Kidd was a respected Physician, who was loved by her patients and respected by her peers. Her husband Tom came into her life in a serendipitous manner, they became soul mates, and they lived life to its fullest measure. But not many years into their idyllic relationship, the universe threw them a curve ball that they never saw coming.

Joan would face the battle for her life and Tom dedicated his life to fighting with her every step of the way. Tom had been devoted to making her the happiest woman on the planet and was no less devoted to doing everything possible to fight for her life. This is their story and how Tom found inspiration and new purpose from their life together……..All the Way

All net proceeds from the sale of this book support the delivery of medical services to Cancer Patients and their caregivers.

All The Way (ebook) By Tom Kidd - GH

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