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Donor Reward Program

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Rewarding your continued, monthly supporters is QUICK AND EASY

Cancer Alliance Partners has made it simple for you to reward your valued, recurring monthly supporters with access to the Donor Reward Program.

The Donor Reward Program is ideal for organizations like yours looking to reward your regular, monthly donors with access to deep savings while also generating more donations. Cancer Alliance Programs will set-up and maintain the donor program which is fully branded on your website AT NO COST TO YOU. Every time a supporter makes a donation to your nonprofit through Cancer Alliance Partners, they will gain access to the Donor Rewards Program and start saving while your nonprofit receives a remittance directly from us!

Supporters with access to the Donor Reward Program can enjoy benefits like:

  • Discounts of up to 50%

  • 352,000+ merchant relationships

  • 700+ national brands

  • Over 186,000 mobile coupon locations

  • 100% of metropolitan markets served

  • 100% of micropolitan markets served

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