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We produce Concert fundraising events at no risk to cancer nonprofit or support organizations - we fund the upfront costs.

The Fight for Life Concert Series is comprised of a series of individual concert fundraisers for cancer nonprofits and patient support organizations, for the purpose of enhancing their fundraising efforts.

Once approved, we will produce and perform a concert show in the community as a fundraising event with your organization receiving the net proceeds of the event. We advance all of the hard costs to produce the show on your behalf, assume all risks/financial liabilities and handle all logistics. The non profit will handle the marketing of the concert event.


In connection with the concert show, non profits can also schedule a pre show VIP reception with a meet and greet the artists, where other fundraising activities can maximize the event fundraising goals. We invest the time and capital to help cancer nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals and fulfill their missions for cancer patients. ​We have partnered with some of the finest entertainers in the world to provide an event delivering a world class experience to supporters to maximize the fundraising effort.


The Fight for Life Concert Series has contracted with the best professional artists to provide entertainment at no risk and upfront cost for cancer non profits and patient support groups for the purpose of maximizing their fundraising efforts, which will support their missions of supporting cancer patients and their families in their local communities.

Contact us today to schedule your fundraiser concert.

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