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Performances to Benefit Cancer Non Profit Organizations and Community Cancer Support Groups

For qualifying cancer non profits and support groups, we will produce and conduct a concert show with staging/lighting/effects by the group CONTINUUM, that replicates the exact sounds of the iconic groups of the 80s. The music sets are separated by short comedy segments. CONTINUUM is a group of professional musicians and vocalists that was formed by Cancer Alliance Partners to provide entertainment at no risk and upfront cost for cancer non profits and support groups for the purpose of maximizing their fundraising efforts to support their missions.

Ochestra in Action
Man Playing Guitar

Learn more about the Joan L Kidd MD Fight for Life Concert Series



Taylor Mason cannot be defined in a word or a sentence or even a video. His singular career has taken him from Carnegie Hall to The Sydney Opera House, to countless television appearances and a million online "hits." Taylor has blazed his own trail of unique entertainment, resulting in a schedule jam-packed with performances in every venue for every audience, and is one of a very few who can succeed in comedy clubs, churches, theaters, cruise ships, and for corporate clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Blending observational humor, keen musicianship, state-of-the-art ventriloquism and (most recently) magic effects, Taylor Mason presents a positive, hilarious, unforgettable program that connects people thru those things that bond us: laughter, music, magic and the shared experience of something special, something original and something unforgettable.

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