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About Us

We provide fundraising programs and events at no risk to your nonprofit or support organization and we fund the upfront costs under your brand.

Cancer Alliance Partners funds cancer nonprofits and support organizations like yours to enhance fundraising results. There is no financial risk to your nonprofit organization when you partner with Cancer Alliance Partners!

When you partner with us, we set up all of your chosen fundraising programs, including a customized travel program and search engine, national merchant discount network and a single event fundraising tool. For qualifying organizations, we will produce and perform a concert show in the community as a fundraising event. We also have patient resources in the form of a Clinical Trials Navigation service that is private labeled under your organization’s name to assist patients and their caregivers. We invest time and capital in our partners to help them achieve their fundraising goals and fulfill their mission.

Cancer Alliance Partners retains a small percentage of the donations received and remits the majority of the donation to the cancer non-profit or cancer support group client.

Business Meeting
Cancer Alliance Partners handles all of the setup and maintenance of your fundraising programs


Working with Cancer Alliance Partners is simple and easy! We provide you with our set-up and site maintenance services, back end office staff, branded and customized customer service support and all of the upkeep necessary to maintain your loyalty programs without any upfront out-of-pocket costs to your organization. There are no monthly or annual donation minimums to meet!

It’s never been easier to provide value to your supporters and maintain your nonprofit status! Each supporter, whether one time or recurring donor, will receive substantial value for their donation, in most cases exceeding or matching the amount of their support of your work.

All donations and financial contributions are processed through your website by Cancer Alliance Partners on your organization’s secure, customized private label fundraising page and Cancer Alliance Partners transfers the major portion of the proceeds directly to your organization.

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